• @beepnoise@beehaw.org
    5 months ago

    It’s funny. When I saw this last night, I was in such disbelief that I was watching the real trailer that I was nitpicking all the way going “Nah, this looks bad, R* wouldn’t do that. That looks too good for a GTA game” etc until I double-and-triple-checked the links and went “oh”.

    Now I’ve had a few hours to digest:

    • The buildings and environments look absolutely beautiful
    • It seems to be running at 60FPS? Thank goodness
    • The characters look… waxy… I will say that black characters look absolutely phenomenal - much better than previous entries
    • This whole game sort of feels like “GTA V+”, which makes sense. Unfortunately, I’ve overhyped myself to a level that R* could never achieve. Not really R*'s problem, but still a bummer.
    • Looking at some of the social media/news freeze frames, it seems a lot of the satire’s edginess has been toned down a lot. Honestly? Thank goodness. GTA V was nauseating in how much it was trying to be a shock-jockey. However, I hope R* will still have its political leaning. Even if I don’t agree with R*, it (usually) is something of substance and is usually somewhat grown up (with exception of GTA V)
    • I would bet money that GTA VI will be delayed to 2026.
    • It will be interesting to see how the writing will be now that Dan Houser has left. It seems OK so far.
    • Everyone’s faces look so expressive except for the two main characters. They just look kind of robotic

    EDIT: One massive thing I forgot - the marketing for this was so stupid. R* kept saying “Upcoming Grand Theft Auto title” as if it wasn’t going to be called “Grand Theft Auto VI” like they called GTA5 “Grand Theft Auto V” and the one before with roman numerals. Like, for goodness sakes guys, get over yourselves. We know it’s going to be called Grand Theft Auto VI.

    • bermuda
      75 months ago

      It may not be political but it did seem they leaned into the whole “Florida man” stereotype. Plus the alligator walking into a gas station.