Hey folks, what is everyone playing this week? Are you trying something new or returning to a previously played game or genre? How are you liking what you’re currently playing?

  • @ezures
    26 months ago

    After hearing the release of Ac mirage, I replayed the og AC. Its quite fun, but some things didn’t age well (like the blue filter on the game).

    Its funny how in “returning to roots” they took the worst parts of the game, the investigations. Which could work, but finishing thw tatget them 5 mins after meeting them is not great for characterization. The idea of doing more sidequest means more info for the finale of the chapter is nice, but most of the infos are really trivial, like “Guard gonna close the castle gate after alert” or that the scolars can get past the guard, which is the main way of getting into the city itself, and is also tutoriaized.

    Theres some dumb shit you can do, my favorites were synchronizing while hunted, and the guards just stand around you on the roofs, dumbfounded, or fooling around in combat and realizing the hidden blade can instakill even after alerted, if they are on the ground or you are behind them. So its possible to run aroun 6 guards and backstab them one by one.