Vanguard takes screenshots of your PC every time you play a game. Every time you play a game a function is called to screenshot your PC’s screen, in case Vanguard thinks you might have something suspicious, it screenshots your ENTIRE PC screen (all monitors).

Edit: Not trying to spread false info this was shared to me via a friend and there is other data to back up that this is real

  • Commiunism
    2 months ago

    I’ve tried to see if this is real but I fail to find any source code leaks for Vanguard or if it has ever been leaked. The poster himself also doesn’t seem that credible unless your definition of credible is “THE TERROR OF RIOT GAMES”.

    Am I missing something or is this post likely just bullshit?

    EDIT: It’s does seem to be real, though in the same thread other people with higher reputation did chime in that it doesn’t take screenshots of your other monitors, just the one Valorant is on.