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A study of 5.6mn courses at nearly 4,000 higher education institutions by Open Syllabus, a non-profit group, shows just 0.08 per cent mention critical race theory (CRT), structural racism, systemic racism or diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The share is also very low for other sensitive topics including transgender issues, as well as for related textbooks. The figures cast doubt on the intensifying “anti-woke” criticism of US education by right-wing Republicans, etc

It’s almost like it was all a fabrication to manufacture outrage.

  • Commiunism
    2 months ago

    Obviously this study was done by people who are part of the far-left liberal establishment and are lying /s

    But seriously, I doubt that people who buy into anti-woke rhetoric are going to care, they’re stuck in this “us vs them” bubble that’s incredibly difficult to escape from.