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  • 30 is hurtling at me like a train, so may as well say my bit while I still qualify.

    Learn to swallow your ego, and pride, and “seniority”. There’s plenty of people younger than you that are wildly intelligent and truly want to make the world a better place. Let those people take up space. Let young organizers spread their wings. Put your desires to be important aside and help empower the next generation. Feeling valued by the broader society and being allowed to be important can help young people participate and learn to socialize, especially with some of their formative years being ravaged by social media and Covid.

  • While this seems like a decent starting point I’ve got a few issues with this list. As others have mentioned there is little in the way of justification for these suggestions, and while I happen to agree with plenty of them, I’d personally like to see more reasoning, if not to appease people that already have opinions then to help newer users understand their options.

    On the topic of newer users I think an aggregate list like this should include a basic rundown on what adoption/migration/onboarding looks like for these services. Demystifying that process can lift a lot of the perceived weight non-“power users” might feel when faced with the leap from corporate platforms.

    Overall I think this is a good resource, and at least gives people some starting points, but it’s not without its flaws.

  • Kind of an odd suggestion, and I know this might not work if you’re someone who wants to place themselves in the story, but if you’re looking for healthier, better adjusted men in literature, try some queer or gay romance. Not sure exactly your desired age/reading level, but Red, White, and Royal Blue is cute, and while socio economic status makes the main character slightly less relatable, it’s still a nice read. There’s plenty of other excellent queer romance that has well written men. If you also enjoy fantasy and political intrigue, Priory of the Orange Tree has excellent world building and a few romance subplots I think are very sweet.

    EDIT: Somehow missed the “nerdier” part. Let me do some library diving and give more accurate suggestions