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  • Yes. Also Blenheim Ginger Ale is good. This was my attempt to clone their good stuff. Not perfect but really close.

    9.5 oz (net weight) of peeled ginger 1 cup sugar 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 cups + 6 cups water 1/4 tsp yeast (white wine or champagne is best but bread yeast will do)

    • place the peeled ginger into a food processor
    • blend until creamy
    • add the ginger, sugar, lemon juice and the two cups of water in a sauce pan
    • turn the heat on to high and stir until sugar is dissolved
    • bring to a boil
    • place lid on the pot and lower the heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes
    • remove from heat
    • cover and let rest for 1 hour
    • strain it through a fine strainer or cheese cloth and a funnel into a plastic two liter bottle
    • add in the rest of the water
    • use an ice bath or time let it cool to 70f
    • add the yeast, be sure to proof your yeast first
    • put the lid on the bottle
    • shake it up
    • replace the lid with some foil or an air lock
    • let rest for 24-48 hours at room temp
    • place it in the refrigerator to stop fermentation
    • release the gas every day to avoid it from exploding

  • Definitely. At the last corporate job I had I was told at the very beginning of the interview that I was overqualified and that the only reason I was there was because their trainer (a former coworker of mine) said they had to interview me.

    I got the job. I was thinking about quitting when they fired me because I didn’t park my car on the property because I was following the rules.

    I was thinking about quitting because the place was a total mess. The first clue was during the interview they warned me they didn’t have KPIs at this call center job. When I actually started working I noticed that I had no one person to report to, massive inefficiencies, I could have spent a day or two creating from scratch their much needed IVR and that after three months on the phone not one person I started with had had a review of any kind. I had 20 years of call center experience and 20 years of Linux administration and I was fighting back every urge to rearrange the furniture because this major company was a complete shit show. I was over qualified. I should have never taken the job. They should have never hired me.