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  • AOC fully supported the Genocide for multiple months under the classic “israel has the right to defend itself”, only started turning around when it was time for her elections.

    She recently invited ADL ZIonists on her live stream to push AIPAC propaganda and agreed with them, which is what is stated as the final straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Now she advocates for Genocide Joe for no apparent reason when even the establishment Democrats are trying to push him out for another candidate.

    “This is such a disingenuous argument.” btw.

  • None of the things you mentioned are why they withdrew the endorsement of AOC. Your entire comment is strawmen of why you don’t like them. They compromised with AOC on all the points you stated above… and then AOC went on to support literal Genocide and Apartheid.

    I’m glad AOC went from being a fringe extremist politician to becoming more pragmatic and moderate.

    Yeah supporting Genocide to advance in politics like a real “pragmatic moderate” liberal. Imagine praising this level of snakery.