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  • It’s a type of meme that asks you to complete song lyrics with the thing in the picture. The song in this case is “Living on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi. Here are some other examples (with solution):

    Unfortunately I didn’t find a satisfying solution where I found this meme, so I can only assume that this is some sort of an anti-joke, i.e. the joke is that there is no joke, but you waste a bunch of time trying to find one anyways.

  • I am aware of that paradox but I think it’s misguided, because it’s essentially just an excuse for neverending violence and revolution. Anytime you punish someone for not adhering to some sort of group standards, you aren’t likely change their minds about those standards being a moral good. Some might relent and begrudgingly go along with them, but others will not, and in time they’ll accumulate. At some point, there will be enough of them to overthrow the status quo, and then your intolerance will be replaced with theirs. So the result is that you live in an eternal state of intolerance, all in the name of tolerance. It’s a sucker’s game, and only fools are dumb enough to go along with it.

    If you cannot defend your standards using reason, they are immoral, and they’ll eventually be overthrown and abolished, as they should.

  • Okay, well don’t share them with people who you KNOW aren’t really your friends?

    I mean, it’s fine to bring them up with people who you don’t consider your friends YET (because otherwise, you may never know their opinion and miss out on potential friendships), but if you get shot down or made fun of and it’s clear that there is no interest, just switch topics and look for someone else to be friends with.

  • Okay, I understand that, and that’s fine, everyone has people like that in their lives at some point.

    But if you KNOW they aren’t really your friends, why would you complain that they don’t act like they are?

    You can just ignore the first part of my advice (about not spending time with them) because it doesn’t apply to this situation, but you should probably still try and find people who you can actually be friends with based on your hobbies and interests.