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  • People will still clamor for it. I don’t think it will ever come close to matching the magic of the previous titles. What made those great was that we didn’t have anything remotely close and it was always on the cusp of something groundbreaking. No one was expecting skyrim, it had a short advertisement cycle - people got hyped - and then it dropped and opened people’s minds up to what a modern RPG should resemble.

    The formula is old and beaten into the ground for how Bethesda games work. They need STRONG writing and world building along with breaking from their typical structure of designing the game.

    People are expecting Skryim 2.0 in where it completely blows you out of the water and I don’t think we’ll get that. Personally I think we’ll get a graphically polished game, with great writing and music, and sub par execution of basically everything else. Let’s hope I’m wrong on that last bit.

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    As other people have stated, their live shows sucked for a while because they were so trashed playing really complicated stuff and it sounded awful, that’s why I really don’t like them for the most part. Secondly, I love metal, but their stuff is way over produced imo. Really talented musicians when they want to be tho so I respect that.