An incomplete list of reasons I block accounts:

  • Ranting about journalism rather than discussing the actual news.
  • Whining about paywalls rather than just circumventing them yourself. It’s 2024 you should know how to use an archival site by now. Don’t expect everyone to everything for you.
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  • That sucks. I worked with a few when I was younger and knew a couple others in high school too, and my experience was the opposite. They weren’t exactly Rhodes scholars lol, but they were open-minded, kind, and dependable colleagues. Juggalos have a reputation for being trashy, and it’s something they proudly embrace, but I’ve found them to be generally harmless. Unfortuantely, I think just about every fan base these days has to deal with its share of racist Trump supporters who steal scrap metal from construction sites for meth money…