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  • God I’m so old that I just wish they would do this for fallout 3.

    I fully understand why they went with fallout 4 for the upgrade.

    Funny, I remember playing fallout 4 and thinking damn this is not that different from three.

    I got power armor and did a few other quests… Then I just got busy with something else.

    Fallout 3 though, that was one of my first RPGs on Xbox 360. I didn’t blow up the town etc etc. I really really enjoyed that game although my memory hazy I was literally barely a teenager at the time

  • You make a lot of good points I’m in agreement pretty much all of it.

    I also know we’re on a doomed planet. Better put, we’re on a planet that’s heading for difficult conditions for humans for the next several hundred years at least.

    I’m 30 years rn. I still plan on having kids. We’re all going to die one day and honestly just the thought of blinking out of existence including me and my family and everybody in existence ever ( slowly, over the passage of time ofc ) scares me but we all know it’s coming…

    Where am I going with this? I think it’s important to retain some sense of positivity as much as possible.

    We’re all going to die so I guess I’ll just live well until I’m dead. Part of that for me at least includes believing that somehow someway were going to fix this problem.

    It’s a lot of copium tbh