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  • The sweat thing is important imo. I don’t want to show up to work or school or whatever drenched in sweat. Sometimes it’s too hot outside, or you have to ride against too strong a wind, or the terrain on your route is difficult. Either way you can easily arrive at your destination soaking wet. Unless you have an e-bike, there is no easy or convenient solution for that ç. A very real consideration that most certainly has made me not choose my bike on many occasions.

    While we’re on the topic of wet, weather is also an important consideration. Keeping yourself protected against the rain on a bike is not easy.

  • You seem to be imagining people HYAAAAAHHing their foot on the clutch pedal full force with bulging veins on their temples. It’s just that you typically put quite a bit more force on that pedal compared to a brake pedal even if it’s not exactly violent. It’s slamming in relative terms.

  • It’s the marketing. Always the marketing. Especially the SEO guys.

    One SEO guy we worked with told us not to cache our websites because he was convinced that it helped. He badgered us about it for weeks, showed us some bullshit graphs and whatever. One day we got fed up and told him we’d disabled the cache and he should keep an eye out for any improvements in traffic. Obviously we didn’t actually do anything of the sort because we are not fucking idiots. Couple days later the SEO wizard sent us another bunch of figures and said “see, I told you it would help I know my stuff”. He did not, in fact, know his stuff.

  • Excuse me if I don’t appreciate when the compiler adamantly refuses to do its job when there’s one single unused variable in the code, when it could simply ignore that variable and warn me instead.

    I also don’t enjoy having to format datetime using what’s probably the most reinventing-the-wheel-y and most weirdly US-centric formatting schemes I have ever seen any programming language build into itself.