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  • But that’s the thing: he didn’t start out as socially conservative. Neither did my other friend who was just a fiscal conservative who just slowly slid over to blaming “woke” for everything and no longer approves of my “lifestyle”, which is about as boring as can be but being an enby is apparently a choice now – at least she hasn’t told me she’s dreaming of genocide, so there’s that.

    The one fiscal conservative I know who hasn’t started sliding into full-on fascist bullshit is still more than happy to associate with eg. the “I want all minorities to go away” dude and tell me to “respect differences of opinion” if I make it clear I won’t be OK with bigotry. That just leaves me thinking that he probably agrees more with those people than he wants to let on, but being an actual (municipal) politician he doesn’t want to say it out loud.

  • The “fiscally conservative” people I know haven’t turned out to be any better than the others. One “moderate” and “fiscally conservative” acquaintance I had flat out told me to my face that he thought the world would be a better place if gender minorities didn’t exist, and that he thought we’re all pretending. Even the ones who haven’t spewed outright genocidal bigoted garbage either make it clear that they’d probably be doing it if it was more acceptable, or simply don’t have enough empathy to care about being on the side of genocidal bigots as long as they or anyone in their immediate family aren’t personally affected in any way.

    Seems like even in the best case conservatives who are nominally only “fiscal conservatives” and not socially conservative have a severe lack of empathy, and are more than happy to eg. collaborate with actual fascists. Just look at how eager all “moderate” conservatives have been to cooperate with Meloni, who is a literal neofascist from a party that’s a direct descendant of the original Fascist Party.

    I keep saying this, but it feels like “moderate conservatives” are mythical creatures at this point

  • Yeah, a H5Nx pandemic will have a good chance of having a fatality rate of something in the range of 10% to 50%. It’d end society as we know it, and conservatives are generally the ones who are doing their damndest to prevent sensible action being taken now to help at least slow the jump to humans.

    If (or, more likely when) we do see a HPAI pandemic, we know who we can thank for it. It’ll likely kill hundreds of millions of people, but at least by refusing vaccinations due to idiotic reasons, conservatives will have a higher mortality than people with functioning brains.