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  • Your options in aftermarket OS fall in to 3 categories imao

    1. those that support relocking the bootloader (grapheme,calyx,divest, other smaller projects maybe)

    2. vanilla roms with signature spoofing permission so that you can have microg on them. Some even come with microg preinstalled (/e/,lode,Los4mg) And some are gmscomat compatible (voltage,awaken,spark). There are plenty but they don’t care about signed images and relocking.

    3. some unofficial build from any of the above from a maintainer that cares to sign his own images so that you can relock your BL as your device supports it.

  • Together with the other suggestions jtx board is also a new addition Developed from the davx5 team , tasks,calendars,journals and NOTES.

    The good: Easy sync of notes with any caldav provider . No extra servers and apps for tasks,cakendars,journals. Mtls support ( davx5 supports it ) for extra security if you selfhost

    The bad: No desktop client